Give your users a stake in the network they help grow1

Apps that deploy Props further align with their most valuable users and experience an increase in revenue and user engagement.

Case studies

Listia Props Case Study


+ 10% increase in user engagement & revenue

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 10.23.19 AM


+ 50% increase in user streaming hours
+ 60% increase of in-app purchases

User engagement and revenue metrics improved significantly following Props Token integration.

Jake Branzburg, President, YouNow

“Props enables loyalty programs on steroids: on top of in-app benefits, Props turns engagement with the network into a financial stake”

Jason Katz, CEO Paltalk

“Our users love receiving tokens for their activity, and we love that sellers in the marketplace are rewarded for providing great service to their buyers.”

Gee Chuang, CEO, Listia

“Replacing our traditional loyalty points with the Props crypto asset enabled us to turbo charge our offering with partner sites and end users.”

-Renato Caregha, Tegger CEO

“One interesting note is that users are depositing external Props to increase their level and gain perks.”

-Gee Chuang, CEO of Listia

The people creating the content and those paying for it are the ones making the PalTalk social experience possible for everyone. And these users should absolutely share in the success they help bring

-Jason Katz, CEO of Paltalk

The Props to You Series highlights power users, CEOs, investors and employees sharing their thoughts on Props

“So I went from listing 300 auctions, to having around 600 up right now. I want to earn more Props and I think one of the best things to happen to Listia is Props.”

-Zarifa Sabah, Listia Power User

It was thanks to Props and the Props Project that many doors have been opened for me in my life.

Tyler White, YouNow Power User

“This is one of my favorite teams in the blockchain space.”

Jake Brukhman, CEO CoinFund

“I think the guys at Props did a very good job. The whole business plan was to make it easy to integrate. I think they did that and were also always available to help us as we went along”

-Jason Katz, CEO of Paltalk


Why Props

Grow revenue and engagement with token products for your community

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    Loyalty Program

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    Enable community
    NFT minting and trading

1. Users of an app that integrates Props may be able to receive Props upon their review and acceptance of the terms and conditions for use of the app and the completion of certain other administrative steps. A "financial stake in the network" means the ability to participate in an increase in the value of Props if the use of our platform increases and results in an increase in the demand for, and therefore the value of, Props. Holders of Props will not receive an interest in the profits or losses of any Open Props Inc. (f/k/a YouNow, Inc.) any other App deploying Props, Props PBC, or any other Props affiliate, any rights to distributions from Open Props Inc., Props PBC, or any other affiliate, or any legal or contractual right to exercise control over the operations or continued development of Open Props Inc. Props Project, any Props App, Props PBC, or any legal or contractual right to exercise control over the operations or continued development of any Props affiliate.