Bring NFTs to Your Community

Tokenize your media and enable users to easily buy, sell and bid on their media.

Developer Docs

Leverage our core technology to mint, distribute and create engagement and a new revenue stream



How It Works

Our focus is to make it effortless for traditional mainstream apps to integrate NFTs, with no special blockchain knowledge required.


Using REST APIs, apps (both web and mobile) can seamlessly tokenize existing media into tradeable NFTs.

  • Off the shelf SaaS admin and analytics

  • User interface to collect, sell and accept offers

  • Payment integration for credit cards; L2 solution with negligent gas fees and microtransactions

The Props Unique Offering

Introduce a new revenue stream, not just for your platform and influencers/creators, but for any user who engages and collects desirable items.


Community NFT implementations drive engagement by creating a new social game for users to participate in.

  • Simple logins for users

  • Supports Mobile and Web Apps that’s eco-friendly

  • Mint with no upfront gas fees enabling businesses to quickly and cost-effectively launch volumes of community / UGC NFTs